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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bell's Palsy

Ok, so yesterday morning I spent another hour waiting for the doctor and he confirmed that I am having Bell's palsy. Fortunately, it's not stroke as I anticipated in my previous post. But when I checked on the internet, if the root cause of the facial paralysis is unidentified, only can you charge it Bell's palsy. To my horror, there are several conditions which can cause paralysis of facial nerves: brain tumour, stroke (ruled this out), Lyme disease.

Dear doctor, you haven't perform any thorough examination and you tell me it's Bell's palsy? I may have brain cancer here, ya know?

Other causes are like virus infection which caused the inflammation of the facial nerve or I am overstress...

I must be damn lucky to suffer from this disease, the probability is every 1 out of 5000 people on earth. Famous icons like Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney also suffered from Bell's palsy once upon a time, shouldn't I be consoled by this? Who knows, I might develop a killer smile and act in the next James Bond movie:p

It will take another week or two to recover. And so, I have to bear with the Bell's smile for some time. Gee, I miss my ever-charming grin:p

More information on Bell's palsy here:

ps: If by 2 weeks time my captivating smile is still not back, I am going to seek for a second opinion. Omi toa hoot!

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