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I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul. / I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul. ~William Ernest Henley, Invictus

Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ang goo goo

Now I really believe that as you get older, you will behave more and more like a child. And this, my dear Tun, is called dementia.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Was in JB this noon after I hastily attached the scanned article and summarized the gist and hit the “Send” button. The train glided smoothly along the track and I was lucky to secure a seat despite a weekday. It isn’t until 3 more weeks before the national day, but you could already smell the gaiety in the air with banners and posters and flags tiling the HDB flats like the Merlion’s scales.

A trip from City Square to Johor Jaya cost me a hefty RM16. And I heard there will be a 30% hike for public transport fare this coming month. Isn’t it irony when you see the neighboring country cutting down fares to ease the people’s burden, while our tanahair conveniently adopted the opposite practice at these trying times? The entire trip cruising in our elegantly spacious national cab – Proton Iswara (Saga) – was a wonderful experience, which makes me feel that a private ride is imminent.

The cabbie, a Chinese in his 30s, looked nondescript in his uniform. His skin is tanned, probably a result of lining up outside the malls in his cab, waiting for passengers under the tropical sun. His demeanour was calm and quiet at first, but once he recognized my Malaysian accent, he morphed into an ebullient character, sharing his everyday life along the way while trying a couple of times to keep away from other people’s rear bumper. Despite the adversities, he told me that life has to go on and he has to move on no matter what. I wondered if he is unperturbed by the bitter conditions due to his tenacity or he has relent to fate that any extra effort would be futile.

I drifted back to those times, when the skies were starry black at night. Except for the restless chorus of the cicadas, the surrounding was silent. And here in the garden city, the night sky is always pinkish, and you know why.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanks for heeding my advice, but

I post my comment on Toyo's blog and of course I got some very negative feedbacks from his supporters. Nonetheless, Toyo finally published his S&P and loan agreements on his blog.

And Dr. M had voice out that his own mansion only cost, RM1 million, how the hell did Toyo get to buy himself a RM3.5 million asset plus 0.5 million to touch up. Those years in politics really paid of as Toyo did learnt a trick or two to divert focus. A ruckus or two in the state assembly and voila, he is out of the limelight.

Remember what I told ya?

Happy Birthday, My Dear

Hope you enjoyed the food and the ambience:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009






最近废除了以英文教数理的政策,我为千千万万的学子们感到不幸。当初的仓促推行,其实已经是一个错误。你想吧,我们这一代的老师们多数都是受马来文教育的,叫他们讲英文都已经不行了,书写更是不用说了,怎么去教我们的下一代呀!老马说这是为了提高我们的英文水平、提高我们的竞争力和团结人民。马屁放得响啊! 那为什么Muhyiddin那天还惊讶得表示他不知道SPM毕业不需要及格?如今的种族分裂还不是你们国政搞出来的吗?现在又朝令夕改。我在想,政府到底把人民的前途当作什么?




In Malaysia, not only the Sultans can have palaces o_0

Zaobao reported that the former Selangor MB, Khir Toyo owns a mansion worth a finger-biting RM24million in Shah Alam. For english, read here.

Facts and figures from zaobao:
  • Land area = 0.3 hectares = 32,291.73 sqft (Waramashit! No wonder the press named it the Khir Palace.)
  • Land value = RM4 mil (This translates into RM123.87/sqft.)
  • Construction cost = RM18 mil
  • Furnishing Cost = RM2 mil
  • Total cost = RM24 mil
The present Selangor MB revealed that the monthly salary plus allowance of an MB is RM48k. This totalled up to RM4.6mil for 8 years, which is the duration Khir Toyo held the post as Selangor MB. So the question is how can he afford to own the luxurious mansion?

Khir Toyo responsed to the million dollar question by claiming that he bought the land and the house for RM3.5 mil, loaned from HSBC in his blog and further clarified that he is paying a whopping
RM15k monthly instalment for his palace with his business income.

Whatever claims it might be, the figures produced by Toyo are dubious and mind him, it might backfire. I urge him to make public the S&P agreement with the previous owner and the HSBC loan agreement to clear his name.

MACC should be on the move now rather than minum pagi, petang and malam. Nonetheless, corruption or not, I guess that Khir Toyo will eventually elude all allegations either way, and move into his mansion with a high-profile house warming party like nothing's ever happened. Hello, remember the Zakaria Palace?

Let's wait and see.

Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC)

  1. Decide what you really want and what's preventing you from having it now.
  2. Associate massive pain to not changing now and massive pleasure to the experience of changing now.
  3. Interrupt the limiting pattern.
  4. Create new, powerful alternative.
  5. Condition the new pattern until it's consistent.

Looks simple yet practicing is an entire different thing.