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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rights when stopped by Police (Hak Apabila Ditahan Polis)

Was stopped by 2 traffic policemen along Jalan Adda Utama at 11.30am today, they requested for my license which I displayed clearly to them, but did not hand it to them. One of them told me, " Kalau encik tidak bekerjasama, saya panggil orang gari kamu pergi balai!". Meaning, if I do not cooperate in the sense that I do not hand over my driving license, they will handcuff me and bring me to the police station. They even challenged me to call any "big shots" I knew in the police force to check.

Thanks for publicity by other Malaysians previously on the internet on our rights. I vividly knew my rights eventhough I could not remember every detail in the Redbook Pamphlet. I knew I have the right not to submit any ID to him. By displaying my license to the police officer, I have already obliged more than I have to.

Then I switched on voice memo on my phone to record my conversation with him, he suddenly softened and let me go.

Malaysians, know your rights!

  1. Note down the police officer's name and police number on his uniform.*

  2. He can ask for your identification, you can display to them so that they can take down the details, but you have the right NOT to hand it to them.

  3. If you hand over your IDs to the police, they MUST return it to you.

  4. You only need to provide 3 information to the police: Name, ID number and address. *

  5. If he request for further information, ask politely if you are under arrest. If yes, what is the reason. If not, you may walk away/refuse to follow him back to the police station.*

  6. If he insists you are under arrest with a reason, you have the right to call your friends/relatives/lawyer and Legal Aid Center and inform them the time, venue, reason of the arrest and the police station you are going to.*

*For more details, refer to the Redbook Pamphlet. Get a copy of the Redbook Pamphlet here. Pls read, it's only 2-page long.

As for me, I am going to print a copy and keep in the car, just in case. And I am blogging it here so that I can retrieve it any time, any place with my phone. Just in case.