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I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul. / I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul. ~William Ernest Henley, Invictus

Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Pseudo-Stroke Attack

Strangely since last weekend, I felt this numbness at the left side of my tongue. It kind of hindered the taste of the food to reach my tast buds. Ok, may be the weather was too hot and my body was heaty, I thought.

On monday, while I was listening to the radio on my headset, there was this sudden pain in my left ear. Once, I plucked the earphone off, the pain disappeared. I felt the pain in the same ear again that night while sleeping.

Then on Tuesday morning, I that my left eye was watery and I could not close it as hard as my right eyes...Great, now I have eye infection. Things became worse during lunch after I attended a seminar as I felt the left side of my lips were numbed. I went to the toilet and checked out my facial expression and found out that I could hardly control the left side of my face muscle.

Howdy there, this is Captain Jack Sparrow Gnustiy!!

Ok, this is starting to freak me out. I called Chiew Mei and told her about the weird symptoms and asked her if I have had a stroke. She told me to go to the doctor immediately and I went to the NUS health centre at 3pm. The doctor didn't mention anything about stroke as he examined me, instead he said that probably it's one of the nerve behind my left ear which is controlling the face muscle was inflamed. He prescribed some Dhasolone and Neuroforte for me and I have to take 16 and 2 tablets each a day. I was asked to sleep as early as 10.30pm everyday and on allowed to do slight exercise. In short, do not exert myself. Doc, I really hope that you are right and that I am not having a stroke.
Chiew Mei touched my heart yet again. She really care about me and love me for whom I am. While I am at the clinic, she tried to reach me by phone but I did not answer because I silenced my cellphone. By the time I check my phone, I saw 4 messages and 2 missed calls from her.

"Where are you now? I am very worried, please let me know how you feel now."

She even called my cousin to check on me.

And so on MSN, I asked her, "If I really suffer a stroke, will she still come to me?"

"No, if you had a stroke, I think you should come back to Penang so that I can take care of you."

Thank you, baby.
Stayed home and rest on Thursday. Went jogging in the evening and felt much better.

Today, i woke up and the symptoms persist to haunt me...Went online and did a check on stroke, part of the signs match but there was no ear pain mentioned in the website, so I think the doc is right. I even did a quiz on stroke and based on my lifestyle, I am far from being a victim of the second largest killer in Australia after heart attack.

Going back to see the doc on next monday as commanded, praying hard that by then I will be back to normal...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jog and Sweat

Haha...finally brought more shorts from home. Last night after a day's work, I changed into my shorts and my colleague was surprised to see me my sports attire late at night.

"Going to gym?" My friend asked.

"No, going for a jog. My place quite near from here, about 15 mins walking distance." I replied.

And off I went after warming up a little, panting and perspiring like a horse back home. Refreshing! And yes, I slept soundly last night and woke up energetic this morning!

Going to jog home again tonight:)

ps: 4 more days left before the adjustment...I wonder what would be the rate:p

Thursday, February 21, 2008

33.33% Increment

Rumours have been flying around regarding the stipend adjustment, but I have yet to witness the change. I've been talking to some of the scholars here these few days and even decided to submit a petition to the management for a reasonable raise.

And today, we received a forwarded mail from a peer containing the communication between one student and the president of NUS. The student was pretty blunt in requesting for an increment while the president was fairly magnanimous in his reply.

If the content is true, I will get a 33.33% raise by this March. Stay tune:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

United Nation

Ok, this Friday there will be a test in the morning and I will be going back to Batcity :) Will be going home directly after I am done with this since I am deprived of sleep.

Let's talk about the researchers in my lab. There are roughly 20 of us, a mixed of different backgrounds (FYP or MEng or Phd), nationalities and characters. Majority of them originated from China. In fact, I didn't that there will be so many Chinese from China in Singapore. It's as if this entire country is like a huge Chinatown:p Yuheng and Lichun, who is going to leave soon if not August. I will be taking over Yuheng's project, so I will be working with her extensively for the next few weeks. Dr Zhao Shao, our research fellow will be leaving today. She will be migrating to Seattle with her hubby soon. Yan Han is back in China. Feng Yong and Yan Han is sitting behind me. Mao Wen is one hardworking scholar. Li Yang, muscular and sporty.

Gibson, Chee Ann and Lee Hong are locals and they are very very friendly and helpful. And no, they are NOT kiasu or kiasi, haha. Gibson and Chee Ann proactively shared their lecture notes with me. Lee Hong, has been a great help in my assignment and thanks for recommending Subway, eat fresh!

Then there is Mohsin and Mohamed from Iran. Mohsein google-talks with his family every Friday while I google-talk with Chiew Mei almost every night, haha.

From Malaysia, there is Siew Hong, who is the first to greet me when I first came to the lab and lend me a hand. See Chek, the second person to approach me and invite me to lunch. Teck Wee who is half way through his research and eager to graduate soonest possible. Daniel and William from another lab.

Everyone has been very kind and helpful and this really assist me in fitting in here more quickly. I really appreciate it, guys. As you can see, we have a nice blend of multi-nationalities, which is cool:) Though I may not know you guys well enough now, but along the way I am sure we will break the ice and enjoy the camaraderie while we are here. Ganbate kudaisai, mina-san!

ps: Yesterday I had lunch with Toan, a Vietnamese in the same class. Although small-framed, he is quite confident and jolly. I had some Vietnamese rice and veggies for lunch, but he recommended pho, famous beef noodle soup in Vietnam. Next time I am going to try it :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

To Chiew Mei

You have a simple personality, yet amazing in various ways which can really take someone’s breath away. To me, you are a beautiful lady, I particularly like your sparkling “big” eyes :) I missed the long straight hair you used to have and the pony tail when we first started this relationship. You look so innocent back then, haha. But, I am also fond of the change you make in styling your hair curly. Looks more lady-like and exudes a mature charm now. What I am saying is that, my feelings for you will never alter no matter what, even if you age and the attractive appearance wears off. Because other than your lovely exterior, your inner beauty also radiates from within and the aura is stunning.

You have a very pure heart, kind and forgiving. And I know all this while you have been giving in to my foul temper and impatience, always relenting to my tantrums yet is fast to pardon me after I lose my temper. So, right here right now, I want to apologize to you, “I am sorry, baby.” I will try to control my temper better in future. I guess you have already noticed the change in me, if not, I will have to do better. And I really appreciate what you have done all this while for me, with or without me knowing it, all the sacrifices. Especially the effort you put in these days, I am touched. :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentines, Baby

The plane touched down at half past eight on 8/2/2008.

An hour ago, Chiew Mei sms to tell me that she is on Penang bridge already. I walked as fast as I could to collect my luggage and a carton filled with 100 sticks of otak-otak and mandarin oranges and headed for the exit. If you can imagine, I looked like a china pek from mainland with my huge luggage in one hand and the box in another:p She was already waiting for my arrival in her navy blue kancil.

Miss her dearly although we were only apart for 3 weeks. The separation was terrible and tormenting. Whenever I experienced a different encounter in Singapore, I would wonder how great it would be if she were by my side to go through the same experience together. Although we attempt to remedy our lovesickness by talking over the phone every night, the feeling is still different from being together physically. The distance is still there and the phone bill can really burn a huge hole in my pocket. Fortunately, now we can google talk with my headset and webcam all setup in my office, haha.

To my chagrin, our understanding towards each other actually improves tremendously despite the separation and we are closer than ever psychologically. I keep on reminding myself that I will treat you better and better each day, be there to listen and to comfort you and to shower you with all that is in me. Quoting Jet Li, I have nothing much to give, but whatever I have, I will give you.

After I packed everything into the car, Chiew Mei told me that some aunty bumped into the rear of her car and would only pay her RM20 for the damage. Aunty, you think you are bargaining in the wet market ah? RM20?! i give you la, then I bang your backside, can? Fortunately, it was a minor accident and what is important then was that she's fine and we were together. So we threw the mishap out of our mind and drove to GP and have a simple supper in Chilis and watched Stephen Chow's CJ7. She couldn't stop laughing throughout the comedy, though this time I think Stephen Chow did quite a crappy job. I like to see her laugh heartily.

Those days with her in Penang, back at her home and in Singapore during this CNY were memorable ones. Before she went back, I bought a stalk of Ferrero Rocher to surprise her since we will not be celebrating Valentine's Day together this year (2nd year). Sorry that I could only afford this much since I am jobless and those big FAT pay days were over:p But I promise I will make up to you soon enough, ok?

Happy Valentine's Day, baby.


Happy Rat Year

This CNY was unforgettable.

I have 4 days off, and I had everything planned for the CNY: Going home in the noon of eve, stay at home till the 2nd day of CNY, meet up with Chiew Mei and finally take a night bus with her to Singapore.

Instead, I curi-curi took a day off since Shih Quan is coming to fetch Qin Qin in the morning back to Kulai. Arrived at Kulai around 11.30am and my whole family were there to usher me to grandma’s house for the reunion meal. Really miss my grandma’s steamed chicken, fried mee hoon and seow bak.

Many things to catch up with my family and relatives: (1) Dad’s got all 4 wheels of the kancil changed. The last time when I sped from Penang down south in the minuscule car with Chiew Mei, the tyre threads were almost worn off. We were lucky to reach home without a scratch. :p (2) My uncle has bought a Proton Persona and Boon Tat is going to drive it all the way to Seremban to fetch his girl back to Layang-layang. (3) Grandma is still in the pink of health:)

Was surprise that everyone knows that I am going to take a flight on the 2nd day of CNY to Parit Buntar to meet Chiew Mei. Thanks for the publicity, mum:) Mum seems to be pretty please with her future daughter-in-law…hehe.

This round back home, I even hiked Mount Lambak twice this CNY with my dad and sisters. Rejuvenating. Nonetheless, I think the foot of the hill is badly developed which is a bane to the eyes.

Everyone in the family knows that I am pursuing my doctorate in NUS; it would be so embarrassing if I drop out one day. Waramashit!

*Dad just squashed a mouse hiding in the store room before CNY...yucks!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good Will (Room) Hunting

My first few days here were pretty hectic. I can feel the compression and tightness, it's not sheer pressure. (At the point when I edit this post in my 4th week here, the pimples are breaking out like mushrooms after the rain on my pretty-boy face T_T)

From the moment I set my foot on Singapore's soil (9th Jan), I'd been hunting for a place to stay. Although I can put up at Shih Tak's place temporarily, but eventually I would need to get a place of my own, soon.

The first room that caught my attention was located at Clementi, priced at $310/month. I contacted the advertiser and hurried over with Shih Tak that evening itself as the market in Singapore is god damn competitive (Now you see it, now you don't.). True enough, there was already someone in the flat negotiating with the landlady. This is the first time I realized that the property owners here actually have the luxury to interview and select the tenants. After the viewing, the landlady took down my contact number and asked some questions like whether I could commit to a 2-year contract and if I am okay to stay in the same flat with another married couple. (Then something really stupid happened. Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be honest. 做人不可以太老实啊!) Anyway, I don't really like the condition of the room despite the fact that it's cheap as one glance at the room, it's spacious but somewhat old and dim.

The owner of the second room (also at Clementi) I went for viewing is a very warm, passionate and accomodating young staff in NUS. Though the rental is quite expensive for me and I didn't settle for the room, we became friends. Every now and then, I would bounce into him while having breakfast and we will chat almost on anything and this lightens up my day.

Registration Day on the Jan 10 is smooth-going. The schedule stated that the registration will start only at 9am, but when I reached at half past eight in the morning, it had already commenced and there was this queue formed by multi-national students. This is so called SRT (Singapore Rubber Time) is different from the MRT (Malaysia Rubber Time). One always start ahead of schedule and the latter, later:p Within 15 mins and the registration was completed, got my student package, student card, scholarship contract, and submitted my bank account details to the finance department. Efficient!

After 3 tiring weekdays in the new environment, I went back to Kluang for the weekend, still unable to secure a place to stay. My dad just said," 船到桥头自然直." which meant everything will take its own course naturally when the time is up and assured me not to worry too much. And guess what, miraculously, that Sunday morning itself, I browsed through the off-campus accomodation site in the NUS intranet, called an owner for an appointment, rushed back to Singapore for the meet up and voila, I got a room in Dover with a reasonable price, 5 mins walking distance to school. Good deal, huh:)

Monday, February 4, 2008


Everything sped by in an instant after I made up my mind. This move is certainly not to satisfy my ego. I just wanted to see what I can achieve in my life, keep on pushing myself to the extreme. So that when I exhale my final breath, at least I will not feel sorry for not reaching high enough...

To leave a job, which is challenging with a promising career path, is a hard decision to make. And there are many uncertainties which lie ahead: Will our relationship withstand the distance? Am I able to accomplish the quest successfully? Does undertaking this path pledge a brighter upcoming?

Frankly, this course is unpredictable; however, at the same time, it also opens up numerous possibilities. Therefore, I have embraced myself to embark upon come what may; step by step, I know I will be able to reach my destination eventually.