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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentines, Baby

The plane touched down at half past eight on 8/2/2008.

An hour ago, Chiew Mei sms to tell me that she is on Penang bridge already. I walked as fast as I could to collect my luggage and a carton filled with 100 sticks of otak-otak and mandarin oranges and headed for the exit. If you can imagine, I looked like a china pek from mainland with my huge luggage in one hand and the box in another:p She was already waiting for my arrival in her navy blue kancil.

Miss her dearly although we were only apart for 3 weeks. The separation was terrible and tormenting. Whenever I experienced a different encounter in Singapore, I would wonder how great it would be if she were by my side to go through the same experience together. Although we attempt to remedy our lovesickness by talking over the phone every night, the feeling is still different from being together physically. The distance is still there and the phone bill can really burn a huge hole in my pocket. Fortunately, now we can google talk with my headset and webcam all setup in my office, haha.

To my chagrin, our understanding towards each other actually improves tremendously despite the separation and we are closer than ever psychologically. I keep on reminding myself that I will treat you better and better each day, be there to listen and to comfort you and to shower you with all that is in me. Quoting Jet Li, I have nothing much to give, but whatever I have, I will give you.

After I packed everything into the car, Chiew Mei told me that some aunty bumped into the rear of her car and would only pay her RM20 for the damage. Aunty, you think you are bargaining in the wet market ah? RM20?! i give you la, then I bang your backside, can? Fortunately, it was a minor accident and what is important then was that she's fine and we were together. So we threw the mishap out of our mind and drove to GP and have a simple supper in Chilis and watched Stephen Chow's CJ7. She couldn't stop laughing throughout the comedy, though this time I think Stephen Chow did quite a crappy job. I like to see her laugh heartily.

Those days with her in Penang, back at her home and in Singapore during this CNY were memorable ones. Before she went back, I bought a stalk of Ferrero Rocher to surprise her since we will not be celebrating Valentine's Day together this year (2nd year). Sorry that I could only afford this much since I am jobless and those big FAT pay days were over:p But I promise I will make up to you soon enough, ok?

Happy Valentine's Day, baby.


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