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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Rat Year

This CNY was unforgettable.

I have 4 days off, and I had everything planned for the CNY: Going home in the noon of eve, stay at home till the 2nd day of CNY, meet up with Chiew Mei and finally take a night bus with her to Singapore.

Instead, I curi-curi took a day off since Shih Quan is coming to fetch Qin Qin in the morning back to Kulai. Arrived at Kulai around 11.30am and my whole family were there to usher me to grandma’s house for the reunion meal. Really miss my grandma’s steamed chicken, fried mee hoon and seow bak.

Many things to catch up with my family and relatives: (1) Dad’s got all 4 wheels of the kancil changed. The last time when I sped from Penang down south in the minuscule car with Chiew Mei, the tyre threads were almost worn off. We were lucky to reach home without a scratch. :p (2) My uncle has bought a Proton Persona and Boon Tat is going to drive it all the way to Seremban to fetch his girl back to Layang-layang. (3) Grandma is still in the pink of health:)

Was surprise that everyone knows that I am going to take a flight on the 2nd day of CNY to Parit Buntar to meet Chiew Mei. Thanks for the publicity, mum:) Mum seems to be pretty please with her future daughter-in-law…hehe.

This round back home, I even hiked Mount Lambak twice this CNY with my dad and sisters. Rejuvenating. Nonetheless, I think the foot of the hill is badly developed which is a bane to the eyes.

Everyone in the family knows that I am pursuing my doctorate in NUS; it would be so embarrassing if I drop out one day. Waramashit!

*Dad just squashed a mouse hiding in the store room before CNY...yucks!

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