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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

United Nation

Ok, this Friday there will be a test in the morning and I will be going back to Batcity :) Will be going home directly after I am done with this since I am deprived of sleep.

Let's talk about the researchers in my lab. There are roughly 20 of us, a mixed of different backgrounds (FYP or MEng or Phd), nationalities and characters. Majority of them originated from China. In fact, I didn't that there will be so many Chinese from China in Singapore. It's as if this entire country is like a huge Chinatown:p Yuheng and Lichun, who is going to leave soon if not August. I will be taking over Yuheng's project, so I will be working with her extensively for the next few weeks. Dr Zhao Shao, our research fellow will be leaving today. She will be migrating to Seattle with her hubby soon. Yan Han is back in China. Feng Yong and Yan Han is sitting behind me. Mao Wen is one hardworking scholar. Li Yang, muscular and sporty.

Gibson, Chee Ann and Lee Hong are locals and they are very very friendly and helpful. And no, they are NOT kiasu or kiasi, haha. Gibson and Chee Ann proactively shared their lecture notes with me. Lee Hong, has been a great help in my assignment and thanks for recommending Subway, eat fresh!

Then there is Mohsin and Mohamed from Iran. Mohsein google-talks with his family every Friday while I google-talk with Chiew Mei almost every night, haha.

From Malaysia, there is Siew Hong, who is the first to greet me when I first came to the lab and lend me a hand. See Chek, the second person to approach me and invite me to lunch. Teck Wee who is half way through his research and eager to graduate soonest possible. Daniel and William from another lab.

Everyone has been very kind and helpful and this really assist me in fitting in here more quickly. I really appreciate it, guys. As you can see, we have a nice blend of multi-nationalities, which is cool:) Though I may not know you guys well enough now, but along the way I am sure we will break the ice and enjoy the camaraderie while we are here. Ganbate kudaisai, mina-san!

ps: Yesterday I had lunch with Toan, a Vietnamese in the same class. Although small-framed, he is quite confident and jolly. I had some Vietnamese rice and veggies for lunch, but he recommended pho, famous beef noodle soup in Vietnam. Next time I am going to try it :)

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