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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pseudo-Stroke Attack

Strangely since last weekend, I felt this numbness at the left side of my tongue. It kind of hindered the taste of the food to reach my tast buds. Ok, may be the weather was too hot and my body was heaty, I thought.

On monday, while I was listening to the radio on my headset, there was this sudden pain in my left ear. Once, I plucked the earphone off, the pain disappeared. I felt the pain in the same ear again that night while sleeping.

Then on Tuesday morning, I that my left eye was watery and I could not close it as hard as my right eyes...Great, now I have eye infection. Things became worse during lunch after I attended a seminar as I felt the left side of my lips were numbed. I went to the toilet and checked out my facial expression and found out that I could hardly control the left side of my face muscle.

Howdy there, this is Captain Jack Sparrow Gnustiy!!

Ok, this is starting to freak me out. I called Chiew Mei and told her about the weird symptoms and asked her if I have had a stroke. She told me to go to the doctor immediately and I went to the NUS health centre at 3pm. The doctor didn't mention anything about stroke as he examined me, instead he said that probably it's one of the nerve behind my left ear which is controlling the face muscle was inflamed. He prescribed some Dhasolone and Neuroforte for me and I have to take 16 and 2 tablets each a day. I was asked to sleep as early as 10.30pm everyday and on allowed to do slight exercise. In short, do not exert myself. Doc, I really hope that you are right and that I am not having a stroke.
Chiew Mei touched my heart yet again. She really care about me and love me for whom I am. While I am at the clinic, she tried to reach me by phone but I did not answer because I silenced my cellphone. By the time I check my phone, I saw 4 messages and 2 missed calls from her.

"Where are you now? I am very worried, please let me know how you feel now."

She even called my cousin to check on me.

And so on MSN, I asked her, "If I really suffer a stroke, will she still come to me?"

"No, if you had a stroke, I think you should come back to Penang so that I can take care of you."

Thank you, baby.
Stayed home and rest on Thursday. Went jogging in the evening and felt much better.

Today, i woke up and the symptoms persist to haunt me...Went online and did a check on stroke, part of the signs match but there was no ear pain mentioned in the website, so I think the doc is right. I even did a quiz on stroke and based on my lifestyle, I am far from being a victim of the second largest killer in Australia after heart attack.

Going back to see the doc on next monday as commanded, praying hard that by then I will be back to normal...

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