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Saturday, February 16, 2008

To Chiew Mei

You have a simple personality, yet amazing in various ways which can really take someone’s breath away. To me, you are a beautiful lady, I particularly like your sparkling “big” eyes :) I missed the long straight hair you used to have and the pony tail when we first started this relationship. You look so innocent back then, haha. But, I am also fond of the change you make in styling your hair curly. Looks more lady-like and exudes a mature charm now. What I am saying is that, my feelings for you will never alter no matter what, even if you age and the attractive appearance wears off. Because other than your lovely exterior, your inner beauty also radiates from within and the aura is stunning.

You have a very pure heart, kind and forgiving. And I know all this while you have been giving in to my foul temper and impatience, always relenting to my tantrums yet is fast to pardon me after I lose my temper. So, right here right now, I want to apologize to you, “I am sorry, baby.” I will try to control my temper better in future. I guess you have already noticed the change in me, if not, I will have to do better. And I really appreciate what you have done all this while for me, with or without me knowing it, all the sacrifices. Especially the effort you put in these days, I am touched. :)


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ChickenSoupMom said...

Wah! i read this oso very kamtung. Both of you are very special, and I'm very sure with your integrity, and true love, you will both last forever. My best wishes and support (moral lah).


Tai Kar Je