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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Avian Flu

Saw a dead crow lying "peacefully" on the grassy area beside the pavement while I was walking to school today.

The fact that it is "RIP-ing" beside a tree makes me wonder how it died:

  1. It was a mata sepet crow; it flew and crashed into the tree trunk head on and landed beneath the tree for a few days suffering from a concussion. Eventually it died as the ambulance failed to reach in time. So sad.
  2. It was having a wild time on one of the branches with its mate one night and suddenly had a stroke or heart attack and plunged. Seconds before it hit the ground, the entire story of its lewd life flashed by in it head...and piaak, reach ground floor.

Whichever it is, please don't let it be bird flu...

1 comment:

gnap said...

hahaha! totally crazy lah you! hahahaha

eh.. i can imagine walking to school in Sgp. Must be a nice walk. Clean environment (besides the dead crow), fresh air... nice.. :)