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Sunday, April 29, 2012

TITANIC: Romantic not Erotic

"No handphone! Silent your mobile, please!"

When you go to cinemas these days, they have this ad before the show starts, to request audiences to switch off their cellphone. This is to prevent some mindless folks from disrupting the vibe of the movie simply by answering their calls and start bitching around. Even the ringtone itself can ruin the whole movie. 

Imagine when the movie reaches its climax, e.g when Tom Cruise attempts to jump off from Burj Khalifa in Mission Impossible 4, suddenly some Doraemon ringtone permeates through the air, "An an an...Tottemo Daisuki...Doraemon..."

Damn potong stim, right?

But other than the no handphone sign, I seriously think that we need another sign in cinemas.

CM and I went and watched Titanic 3D yesterday before the screening ends. All went well, we managed to reach the cinema early after work, secured the tickets, had a simple dinner and proceed to check in. We were pretty excited and had prepared to feast our eyes upon James Cameron's classic production. (My Heart Will Go On playing in the background.)

Shortly after the show started, a pair of couple made their way through and occupied the seats in front of us. And instantly they put an end to our beloved Jack and Rose epic. Reason being, the guy in front of us has this super tall spiky hairstyle, which effectively formed the silhouette of an iceberg in our view. Yes, in our version of Titanic, the iceberg appears right from the start till the end (it's 3D somemore), and we wondered why the Titanic crew had failed to notice it.
This is the beginning part where the submarine is exploring the Titanic wreck. Wait, is that an octopus ready to attack the submarine? (Jaws classic music in the background.)
Yucks! Old Rose has so much nose hair...eewww.
I sincerely hope that is not Rose's armpit gawd, need to throw up already.

As you can see, this dickhead is practically blocking our view throughout the movie. Why la comb this hairstyle to a movie? Maybe he has serious esteem issue with his height, hence the spikes to add a few inches. Sorry for the foul language, but I really beh tahan when some dickhead turned a romance epic into an erotic blue film. And dirty-minded people like me tend to be distracted. But frankly, this is the first time I had so much fun snapping pictures in a movie.

But seriously, I think we can't blame this dude after I took a serious look at the ticket this morning. It seemed that CM and I had purchased the wrong ticket. We were not watching "Titanic" afterall, it was ----"Tit nic".  No wonder.

So, other than the prohibition to use handphone in cinemas, can we add one more restriction please? - "No Dickhead Allowed!"

Thank you.