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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kyoto Dwarf aka Mondo Grass

Keywords: Kyoto Dwarf, Mondo Grass, Fountain Grass, Monkey Grass, ryu-no-hige (dragon's beard), ja-no-hige (snake's beard), Ophiopogon japonicus (Scientific Name

This is one of the plants I like best due to its adorable appearance. It has glossy dark green blade-like foliage which grow in clumps. Clean and sleek, excellent as indoor and outdoor ornaments. Some internet sources mentioned white and pale lilac flower and blue berry fruits, but I have yet to see any from my pot.

Another advantage of the Kyoto Dwarf is its low maintenance and hardiness. This is definitely a plus for lazy owners like me who would water the plants only whenever I remember, and fertilize once in a blue moon (How often do you see a blue moon?). We bought two small clumps back in March 2011 and it has been in the plant bags for more than a year, yet they still prospered rain or shine. 

It's only till two months ago, when we intend to transfer them into a decent pot did we realized that they have multiplied. So now we have about ten different clumps, a really good return on investment in less than two years...haha.      

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