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Friday, April 20, 2012

Overtaking Addicts

No matter you're on the left or right lane on Malaysian expressway, there will always be some douchebags cutting in and out like nobody's business.

These days, everyone will be hogging the fast lane on the right, while vehicles can actually go faster on the left lane. So people start to overtake via the left lane. Isn't this funny?

And frequently, when I am already cruising at almost 120km/hour on the fast lane, somehow it is still not fast enough as some pseudo-F1 driver will be flashing his headlights at me while he rapidly close up behind my car. Walao, everytime I felt like jamming the brakes instantaneously. And if I survive the crash, I will definitely knock some sense into the fellas brain with my baseball bat steering wheel lock. I really regretted for not joining the Yakuza or Hung Mun triads, else I will be able to teach these buggers some lessons.

You maniacs out there are really lucky my Dad send me to school for proper education instead. Hmmph.

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