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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jurong Bird Park

This is Google's doodle today to commemorate the Father of All Zips, Gideon Sundback's birthday. And if you click on the doodle, the giant zipper sort of runs down the centre of Google's homepage. Cool huh?

Not when it runs down by itself, and it's certainly NOT COOL when it runs down by itself on YOUR PANTS, despite the fact that you will feel cool down below the waist! It's been happening to me more often now on my one and only pair of jeans, and it's branded somemore! 

Yes, it's Levi's.

Coincidently, it is the Father of All Denim Jeans, invented back in the 1850s, for gold miners and it is dubbed the toughest pants. They even have a "Two-Horse Brand" leather patch on each pair of jeans, showing the garment being pulled between two horses to prove its strength! But why the zipper kept coming loose on me? Why?

My humorous friend told me that I can't blame Levi's because they have actually declared upfront that the zippers on their jeans tend to open by itself. There is a hint. If you look closely at the "Two-horse Brand" leather patch, you will notice that the zipper is loose. Haha, very funny. 

So, it's satirical when I have an answer for each of Levi's marketing slogan below:

A style for every story.
This is my story, and an embarassing one.

Have you ever had a bad time in Levi's?
Almost everytime when my fly is wide open.

Quality never goes out of style.
Yeah, whenever I feel the breeze down under, I want to sing "I Believe I can Fly" in R Kelly style..

So when you people see this poster below in any Levi's store, trust me, don't challenge it, wear underpants please. Remember, slogans are meant to sell, it's not for real. And Levi's, seriously, you should change your zipper supplier. 


TC said...

Haha... You should send it to a tailor and get the zip changed!

Gnu said...

yeah, know that nobody is interested to see my *toot* swaying around.