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Friday, May 30, 2008

Little Buaya

Ever since I moved into the flat in March, I rarely get a chance to chat with my landlord as he leaves for work very early (7am) and turns in quite early (9pm) everyday. Sometimes, I could catch him on weekend mornings and exchange a few words before I go to my lab.

As for his 3-year-old son, I barely see him too and when we met, it's always the usual "hello, kor kor" and "bye bye, kor kor" dialogue. Back then, I thought that this boy is very very shy...and adorable. And once, I even showed a disbelief expression when his dad told me that the boy is hyperactive.

Every morning on weekdays, the father will pass the child to the aunty next door before going to work. And so for months, whenever I go to and fro school, this boy never pay any interest in me whatsoever. Even after I attempted to bribe him with candies and jellos for a few times, the ice just wouldn't break. Ok, fine. That's that.

But since CM arrived, this little kiddo sort of metamorphoses 180 degree... Suddenly he became so proactive, lively, bubbly, interested in CM:p

Now, every morning when CM go to work (with me escorting her:p), the boy will immediately rush to the gate of his babysitter's flat and ask (always the same question), "姐姐呢? (Where is big sister?)"

The next question would be, "姐姐要去那里? (Where is big sister going?)"

Then when we came back together in the evening, he will ask the same questions again without fail and continue to tell CM about his day like nobody business while we unlock the gate and door. Totally ignoring me. Mader.

Sometimes if I am alone, he will still come to the gate and ask, "姐姐呢? 姐姐去那里?"

Little chee ko pek!
Yes, this is the double-standard chubby chee ko pek caught in the act! His name is Bruce and he can only pronounce his name as "Bulu"!!! But I still adore him lar :)


gnap said...

this boy "yau chuen thou". At this age, he can already make out a quality leng lui when he sees one. ;)

like me lar... when i first saw CM in a pic amongst many other sweet young lady engrgs more than 2yrs ago, i immediately told the my frens, "now here's the true beauty". Mader, see today whose gf she became? hahahaha

okla okla, ur both so "deng dui".

and the boy is cute.

did u know when i go pick up my kids fr sch., all their frens surrounds me and keep talking to me i dunno who to listen to first. the other parents... nobody hiew. haha :P

Gnu said...

Aiyo, CM will be in cloud nine if she reads your comment.

If I see Lau Kar Ling come to my primary school, I will also join the crowd and even try to get autograph from you, ok? :p