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Monday, May 26, 2008

Our First Compact Camera

CM called CY out for dinner yesterday somewhere near City Hall at 8pm. We decided to drop by Funan Digitalife Mall prior to the rendezvous to purchase our very first digital camera since it is near City Hall and that CM will be travelling next Monday.

Funan Digitalife Mall - where we bought the camera.

CM did some research online and finally narrowed down to two models from the Panasonice Lumix DMC series - LZ8 and LZ10. These two models were launched early this year to replace their predecessors, LZ6 and LZ7 with few upgrades such as, wider lenses, manual and semi-automatic exposure modes and...of course, more pixels.We settled for LZ10 since it has a wider lense and higher MP than LZ8 with a difference of only $80. In addition, this model is extremely new and is currently not available in Malaysia yet...hehe.

Panasonic Lumix DMC - LZ10

Like small kids who are always excited with their newly purchased toys, we immediately attached the batteries, inserted the 4GB memory card and started cam-whoring (Mostly by CM).

Spotted this Komtar lookalike skyscraper

St Peter's Cathedral just next to the City Hall MRT exit

Old British architectural style Capitol Building just opposite St Peter's Cathedral.

Clockwise: CM, CY, ZQ, Gnu

We caught some dragons doing pole dancing beside the road on our bus ride back home.

Back home, we decided to do some Edison Chen stunts but this time round, only Edison Chen is in the frame. Of course, I was the victim while CM happily snapped away...tsk tsk. CM, please don't send your laptop for repair

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