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Monday, May 5, 2008

Ashame Only Now? Retard or what?

I don't know why Abdullah Badawi is ashame only now. Where was he when the sexist remarks erupted like nobody's business back in 2007??
“I felt ashamed if people watched television and saw what was happening in our Dewan. In my heart, I also felt that all this happened because there was a live broadcast at that time."
“Each (MP) wanted to make himself or herself seen debating or ‘aksi’ (acting) in the Dewan. That was how I felt.”
If he had not slept through his previous administration, he would have caught this on Youtube even before the 29th April "1st Live Telecast" of the Parliament's proceeding, dated 9th May 2007. Pfft.

I am ashamed (of you), too! Brudder, the world is watching la.


David Chan said...

Pak Lah never visited YouTube before March 8. I don't think he ever went into YouTube even right now.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. :-P

David Chan said...

Btw, he should be ashamed of his son-in-law who wreaked havoc on May 12.