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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Labrador Park

Had a bad Saturday last week, so I decided to make up on Sunday. So off we went to Labrador Park after a very heavy lunch at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Why Labrador Park? Well, a friend of my friend went there once and since there are so many parks here, I might just start with some place that I have heard of.

To get there, we took the MRT along the East West line to Outram Park MRT interchange, switched to the North East line towards Harbour Front and boarded bus #408 at the Harbour Front which will take us directly to Labrador Park. While waiting for the bus, there is only a couple with their son in line and I thought, “Great, it’s a place where nobody wants to visit on a Sunday.”

My worries vanished right away as the greeneries and warm sea breeze greeted us once we alighted at the park. Besides, there were cluster of people scattered all over the park: An assembly of cheerful Indians teambuilding somewhere in the middle of the park, another cluster of foreigners relaxing in their recliners under the shades, children running around at the playground while some young lads played soccer…

CM started to shoot some pictures but remarked that the trees in the park are not as “natural” as the ones in Penang’s Botanic Garden. Other than shooting trees, we did some candid shots but they turned out to be too blurred for sharing:p

I caught a Brokeback Mountain couple in the act.

Oya, and the sea was nice…except that the horizon was lined with ships and yachts and container cranes…

We walked further towards the south-east direction and discovered some relics from the British colonization era.


Machine Gun Bunker

CM and I

Dragon's Teeth Gate: Famous landmark during those British India days and hideouts for notorious pirates.

And then when we were about to exit the park, we discovered this path which led to more relics from the 1890s.

Old Fort Entrance

All of a sudden, I started to imagine my grandpa running out from the bunker fighting the Japs during the Pacific War…

Back in those days, they called this a gun, not canon.

Some son of the gun waiting to be blasted in the face.

By the time we emerged from the nature reserve, it was already 6.30pm…I took one last picture of the sea and we headed back home.

Some more pics:

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