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Friday, June 20, 2008

Je viens d’une petite ville qui s’appelle Kluang

Okay, it turns out that I learnt something very funny yesterday. And after I talked to one of my friend, he extended the sentence to:

Voulez-vous couchez avec moi tous les soir?

It meant, You want to sleep with me every night?

Anyway, here are some very useful simple french in daily conversation:

  • Bonjour. Vous venez d’ou? - Hello, where are you from?

  • Je viens d’une petite ville qui s’appelle Kluang. - I come from a little town called Kluang.

  • Et vous vous appellez comment? - And what’s your name?

  • Je m'appelle Gnustiy. - My name is Gnustiy.

  • Joyeux anniversaire. - Happy Birthday.
Come, learn french with me here:
Ok, my friends...bonne nuit.


~~wilson~~ said...

yo... da only word that i know in french is jetam... =P
anw... u'r right ... it's me ... (^_^)

Gnu said...

Yo dude, it's "je taime":)