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Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kids Today

I was involved in this camp organized by my department to attract younger generations to pick up engineering. Basically, it is a workshop with hands on session to construct electronic circuits for a remote-controlled vehicle. The participants are students from Sec 1 all the way up to JC1, age between 13 to 17 years old. Surprisingly young kids these days are not as innocent as I was several years back...and they say the darndest things, viz:

"Let's put something's like the ribbons with lots of's like very gay lor."

"Do you have balls?" one student asked me.

"Bloody hell."

"Jack and Jill say they want to go toilet together."

"He is gay, and he said you are like rank F. Rank F means he doesn't like you."

"Then who does he like?"

"He likes Peter...normally the best is rank A. Peter is A-star!"


"Hahaha, gotcha nuts..."

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