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Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If you really want to know if Malaysia has progressed for the better since March 2008, don't solely rely on the headlines in mass media.

I am not being cynical, just a little reserved judging at the way Barisan Nasional has led us so far. They came up with the correct slogan, announced imminent favorable reforms and stressed on purging the venom which has deeply poisoned the nation for many decades. And, with all the deliberate publicity in praise of the current cabinet, especially the premier, who is in the limelight for photoshots with the US President and the Vice, the peasants are starting to believe that the rhetoric regime is beginning to change. Yes, the euphoria of reform fills the air.

Like I said, I still have my reservations.

I think that if one really wants to gauge the determination of the government to walk the talk and the level of propaganda translated into firm and resolute actions, the best way is to talk to people who are dealing with the government bodies and government servants. And, indeed, I happened to talk to a few.

"During Hari Raya, they wanted to take extra days off and we (non-Malays) would take up extra shifts to relieve them. But when it's Chinese New Year, they wouldn't allow us to apply for leaves because they too wanted to take extra days off! This is too much! Is this what you'd called 1Malaysia?" from government servant A.

"We had to do most of the work, because we are the only ones who are able to handle the task, to extract the numbers, interpret them and analyse. And we had to summarize the story for the big shots in the meeting. I applied for a transfer, but they wouldn't let me go because I am the only one who knows how to do it." from government servant B. B and his wife are in the public sector. Subsequently when their applications for transfer have been approved after multiple submissions, they had to reject the offer. The offer will transfer B and his wife to 2 separate towns which is 200km apart.

"Don't hope that your own kind will help you. They are busy smarming up to them (Malays) so that they can be promoted. Mind you, they are the ones that are exploiting you instead!" government servant C on his Chinese superior. Sounds like MCA and Gerakan to me.

"Last time, the medicine given out was tiptop. But now since the government is really out of money, we are buying drugs from secondary suppliers for a cheaper price. Everytime, when I prescribe drugs for patient, I felt that I am cheating because the effect of the medicine is as good as not taking any." a doctor in a general hospital expressed his worries.

"Do you think that the SMEs are really getting any financial aids? Don't be naive. You see my stall here? It's been a year since I started my business, I haven't receive the f*cking 3000 ringgit I applied for." from a business owner.

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