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Monday, November 2, 2009

Be patriotic, Don't buy Proton

Met my parents at JB for the weekend and my dad told me that the car's power window has malfunctioned. This time, it's the driver's side. Normally, I would respond with the following expression:


Yes, dumb-fucked. I know there ain't words like this, as such I really have to make up something, anything just to express my complex feelings as a Bolehland citizen. This is what the Chinese would referred to as 非笔墨所能形容(inexpressible by words). But this time, I was pretty calm as I could still remember vividly the first day when my dad brought the car back. The whole family was so excited until we found out that the front passenger door was dead-locked and wouldn't budge no matter what we did. Oh ya, and the time when the electronic board went haywire and the engine died abruptly on the road. Imagine what would happen if we were on the highway and there is a truck or bus on our tail? And the door that we have to slam really hard to close...etc.

I believe most Malaysians have experienced similar incidences as Malaysians are a bunch of cheap asses, so cheap, that they are willing to tolerate 4 defects per car as "promised" by the manufacturer - Proton!

"No, we are patriotic. That's why we buy national cars!"

National car? Let's define the term "national car". First, it must be built in locally with more than 80% of the parts manufactured locally. Second, it must be cheap! If I can buy any Proton car with only USD2500 (RM10,000), then screw me, I am willing to tolerate 4 defects or more per car. And I can stop my lament right away. My friend, take a look at Tata Nano in India, that's what I would call a national car!
Why buy Proton Waja at RM60k ++, when you can get a reliable Toyota Vios or Honda City when you top up another RM10k ++? Or if you really can't afford those highly taxed imported cars (which is a sordid act by the government to protect Proton), feel free to switch to Perodua series anytime! I urge all Malaysians to stop buying Proton products, if you are patriotic! For my foreign friends, for your safety, please select wisely. Let it hit the brink of bankruptcy again and be taken over by some foreign entity like Volkswagen. Am pretty sure that in 5 years time, all Malaysians will be able to own a cheap yet defect-free national car.

Reformation is desperately needed for most GLCs like Proton! And unless I see satisfactory improvements from the local car manufacturer, I am willing to go for imported rides, albeit there is a higher price to pay.


Jessie said...

Yeah, don't ever buy proton!!! previously I also drove a proton waja...sold it few months back...power window is always spoilt..RM300++ for one...stupid stupid....

Gnu said...

hahaha, cool down Jess. So now what car you driving?