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Monday, November 23, 2009

In the middle of a Trading Day

Who would schedule a maintenance and cripple the entire online stock trading system during an active trade day, market active hour?

Maybank would!

And the "meowbank" has done it again, today! While the users of OSK, HLBank, Public Bank are happily trading, we could only stare blankly at the following screen, and ask our dumbfucked brain, "why?"

Brilliant! Malaysian mentality, indeed. Loud applause please...


feizai said...

then WTF u r still using maybank.. potong la..

Gnu said...

For Maybank Online Stock users, please send emails to lodge your complaint. According to staff in Maybank investment, they can forward your emails to the corresponding parties to rectify the problem, whereas they can't do much if you call in just to rant.

Gnu said...

feizai: easier said than done when you have established your portfolio, you can't just pull the plug like that.