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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Warren Buffett of Malaysia

30 年股票投资心得 - 冷眼

This is one very good book in equity investment for retail investors written by the ex-chief editor of Nanyang Siang Pau. The Perak born retiree has been researching and analyzing equities for more than 30 years and is thoroughly familiar with more than 900 listed companies on Bursa. He was also once a financial journalist for Nanyang Siang Pau back in the 1960s and had published numerous financial article write ups with the pseudonym - Cold Eyes (冷眼).

This book was published in 2004, and I got a copy in 2005, was very fortunate that my buddy recommended this book. And I am really glad that I bought it as in a way or another, this book has saved my ass on several occasions. I finish reading the book back in 2005, but it is only these recent 2 years that I started to apply the investment strategies as advocated. As not to give you any false expectation, this guy is pro-WB, yeah, so we are talking about fundamental or intrinsic value investing. And to be frank, the tips are really helpful.

It is amazing how Cold Eyes is able to condense more than 3 decades of experience and technical know how of research-analyze-evaluate-invest into a 350-page investment bible, and in a comprehensive and apprehensive way. It is really easy to read and one can easily finish the entire text in one day, though putting the teachings into action is a different story. Personally, I think reading this book is so much better than reading all the books on Warren Buffett on investment, anyway, all those books on the shelfs about WB are overrated as they are not written by WB himself.

So, I would recommend this book to newbies in equity investment as well as more advanced retail investors. Basically, do your homework and crunch the numbers, it really helps. There is really no short cut to reap a profit from the stock market. Good luck.

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Swing2Freedom said...

Totally Agree ==> 'There is really no short cut to reap a profit from the stock market.'