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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Malaysian Standard of Customer Service

Was trying to take position this morning at 8.30am, half an hour before the market commences. So as usual, I intend to access but the page took a long time to connect and couldn't load. I closed the tab, open another one, still can't load the page. I restarted my lappie, opened up Explorer, made another attempt and the problem persist. Well, normally I would shrugged it off and wait for an hour later an retry, but I had a very important deal to execute and I need to do it soonest possible. So I called up the securities branch in JB.

Operator: Good morning, Maybank securities.
Me: Hi, I can't access the Maybank2u website. Is there any problem on your end?

Operator: You can try to logout and re-login.
Me: Sorry, I can't access the Maybank2u website, can't even login.

Operator: Ok, is your password correct?
Me: No, I can't even load the page. The page is blank. It's taking forever to connect, so I was thinking if there is any problem with the server on your end.

Operator: Oh. Like that. I think no problem. (Pause for 5 seconds.)
Me: You sure?

Operator: Yes, because other customers also didn't complain.
Me: Are you accessing the website in the office now? (So I am not customer lar? Never mind, put on my blue hat, trying to debug the situation.)

Operator: Yes. (Lying.)
Me: And you can login? And access to the online stock trading interface?
Operator: Yes. (Lying again.)
Me: (Starting to think it's my connection problem.) Then I have a problem.

Operator: Ya, because no other customer call in to complain about the website this morning.
Me: Ok, can you direct me to the technical support, probably they can help me troubleshoot my problem.

Operator: There's no technical support.
Me: (WTF?) You have no IT engineers to assist when there is a glitch with the system? What if other customers have the same problem?

Operator: Oh, there is no customer calling in on this issue. You can wait and try again later.
Me: Ok, I will try again and see. I will call back if the problem persist.

Minutes later, I tried to access the page and the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error showed up. Ok, not my problem. So I called in again.

Operator: Good morning, Maybank securities.
Me: Hi, I called in earlier. I retry and it's an internal server error.

Operator: Yes, we have a problem with our server.
Me: So how? Cannot trade today?

Operator: You want to check price is it? What counter?
Me: No, I want to execute my trade!

Operator: Oh, now cannot-lah.
Me: ......Salam 1Malaysia.

No wonder in Singapore, when the media report on the daily performance of the Asian bourses, normally they will leave out KLSE. Why? How can your indices be influential to the financial realm when your system is so inefficient and inconvenient to the investors?

Not sure if this is true back in 2007, if you deal with Maybank, you might want to check it out.

The inefficiency and the lacklustre attitude of the authority is one thing, what irks me is that how the public is accepting all these with apathy. It is similar to what the rakyat has been doing for 5 decades, swallowing the bitter pill in silence, granting the government to exploit us all this while and for many more years to come.

On the newspapers every now and then, I read about students from Chinese schools going to the public soliciting donations for their new classrooms, canteens, hostels, school hall, computer laboratories...etc. And I wondered why students from the Sekolah Kebangsaan never need to ask for donations barefacedly?

I read about Tenaga giving out green packets to the bumiputra orphans during Hari Raya and can't help but wonder when will Petronas give out ang pao to the Chinese during Chinese New Year or any other GLCs to dish out free gifts or muruku to the Indians?

The JPA scholarship issue, universities entry quota issue, hike in expressway toll...etc are bound to haunt us continuously, indefinitely. Occasionally, there will be some startling scandals like the Altantuya's murder, Lingam's tainted judiciary case, PKFZ defalcation, Teoh Beng Hock's death. But worry not, because all these cases will remain unsolved. At times, some jokers will pull out the keris, kiss and wield the weapon in some very important meetings, crying out loud for Malay lordship, some would use a cow's decapitated head as a soccer ball in order to disgust the Indians. Worry not, as no one will be held responsible or punished.

Because after all the ruckuses, we are still 1BigFamily. We are 1Malaysia. Because before Najib popularizes 1Malaysia, I thought we have multiple Malaysias. Thanks for the consistent reminder over the media with "Salam 1Malaysia", dude! But under the 1Malaysia exoderm, I don't really think that the flesh and blood will bond well if the dna is genetically handicapped. Change will surely come, but don't forget that evolution takes time and each and every seconds it takes is at the rakyat's expense.

So why not "bend the bamboo while it's still a shoot", albeit the bamboo is now mature and the culm has hardened. Nevertheless, it's better late than never, don't you think?


Hampers said...

wow..communication between the customer support executives looks humorous. enjoyed it very much. Keep on posting more article like this.

caren_ngo said...

1Malaysia applies to CIMB ONLYla.
Miao-bank has nothing to do with Najib.
switch bank~

Anonymous said...

Use hlebroking. It has not disappointed me.

Gnu said...

Anonymous: am siphoning my $ out of Malaysia like Robert Kuok:p