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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Photo of the Week

Was back in Kluang to meet up with my elder and younger sis during the Raya Merdeka holidays. I have passed by the scene umpteen times and each time I had the urge to shoot it.

Obviously, the subject is appealing to me - the rear of a row of old Kluang Town shophouses, age-old concrete wall with the paint long washed away by the ruthless rain, leaving grainy patches of moss and fungi, an evident of the humid tropical weather.

Each time, I didn't have my camera with me and am slothful to make a deliberate trip to Jalan Sultan. This time, I brought my cam and after a pleasant breakfast at Kluang railway station with my family, I requested my sis to stop by while I took the shot.

The greyish sky showed that heavy rain is imminent. The colourful roofs and the pasture of the abandoned land further enrich the subject as the bleak sky brings out the sense of desolation of the pre-WWII structure.


Valerie said...

Nice one you got there!

UrSis said...

Bro, that was not Raya holidays ok? It was Merdeka :S

Gnu said...

Valerie: Thanks, 久久1拜. Performance not as consistent as you and Kelvin:)

Sis: pembetulan sudah pun dibuat:)