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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look left, look right, look left again

I received a terrible news, that my friend was robbed and attacked in his own house in KL and had to stay at home for a month to recuperate from his injuries. I can't imagine what kind of trauma he had encountered and what level of abuse had been inflicted upon him. To date, he can't be contacted and I am really worried and saddened. I can only pray and wish him speedy recovery.

Back in Kluang I heard from my folks that the snatch theft incident had been rising, probably due mainly to the current economic downturn. Pouch being snatched while walking on the road, car windows being smashed (since now everyone locks the car doors) and handbag robbed.

This is a time, where we must keep a close watch and be cautious. We must be vigilant to look out for others as well as ourselves. Crime rates shouldn't be escalating if the police force executes their obligations whole-heartedly, therefore I wouldn't hope that the same taskforce will be able to protect us.

So here's a few tips for all to be on the safe side (especially for ladies):

  • Try to deposit/withdraw money from the bank in the daytime.
  • While taking a cab alone, remember to cross-check if the driver matches the identification displayed. Record the carplate number with your cellphone. (I always do this when CM takes the cab to work.)
  • If someone waiting for the lift with you looks suspicious, you can always walk away and let him/her take the lift first and wait for another round.
  • Try not to wear conspicuous jewelry or restrictive (aphrodisiacal) clothing and shoes. Leave them for the appropriate occasions when you are certain that you have no reason to anticipate danger such as large crowds.
  • Always good to have a buddy for anything such as going to the washroom, jogging or swimming, karaoke-ing.
  • Be alert while walking along the road.

The above may sound paranoid, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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