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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day II

Dim sum feast at Luk Yu Tea House, Stanley Street.

Moments before the fat dolphins fell and crushed the shipwreck victims. Who says dolphins save human who are drowning?

Jubilating after Jack and Rose perished.

Kung fu panda meditating.

CM and I

kawaii "moreha"

Crab braised with Hua Diao (Fushing, Causeway Bay).

Ox tail stewed with french wine (Fushing, Causeway Bay).

Abalone and Goose Foot (Fushing, Causeway Bay).

Temple street

They missed out my middle name:(

Some people are just illiterate:p

Bubur cacar (Yuen Kee cacar, Temple Street)

Peanut paste (Yuen Kee cacar, Temple Street). The last bowl of the day:p

Kim Gary?!!!


  • Took the pirate ship ride.
  • CM's first time savouring abalone.
  • Met Aaron Kwok and Shawn Yue at Fushing Restaurant, Causeway Bay.


Jun Fei said...

didnt take any photo and autograph wit aaron kwok???

Gnu said...

Nah, the moment i take out my camera to shoot the food, he became so anxious until he has to use his knuckle to cover his face. And his manager (小美?) stared at me like she wants to swallow me, so we just stay put. Anyway, the people there aren't as excited as we were to see him...slumber aje.

Jun Fei said...

cheh.. lansi-nya.. not friendly also.. (kidding kidding :p)

Jun Fei said...

u really rich.. i saw others go HK eat wantan mee only...
u eat bao yu.. WTF!

Gnu said...

erm...sometimes human need some indulgences...hehe. You also can afford one lar.