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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day III

Today, our plan was to visit Chow Yuen Fatt's hometown, Lamma Island.

But before that, we need to fill our tummy. The dim sum at Dao Xiang (along Nathan Road near Yao Ma Tei's MTR) is really good, more delicious and cheaper than Luk Yu Tea House.

Kiddo climbing rocks at Lamma Island

Billy Elliot
(To kids out there reading this entry: NEVER EVER RUN AND CLIMB ROCKS WITH A LOLLIPOP IN YOUR MOUTH!)

Lady with her shy pet dog.

Best sandwich we ever had...SOooo Muuuch better than Subway, only at this cafe on Lamma Island. Can't remember the name of the cafe, but it's beside the realtor office.

Old man and the dogs.

Lamma bayview.

Came across Ah Po beancurd while making our way to the wind turbine power generator.

The conventional coal power generator opposite the wind turbine.

Village settings.

CM and I.

Lamma sunset view.

The ferry that ferried us to and fro Lamma.

Yung Kee roast duck. Just order the roast duck and Yangzhou fried rice would suffice. Remember to make reservations, otherwise you will need to wait for at least 45 minutes.

  • The island is a pleasant getaway for the city slickers. And you get to see the other side of the multi-facet Hong Kong, the simple neck of the wood on a humble island.
  • There are lots of pet dogs on the isle.
  • The sandwich is darn good!
  • Almost half of the people with camera in HK uses DSLR.


Jun Fei said...

the egg yolk very pretty ah!!!!!

~~wilson~~ said...

Half of the ppl in HK use DSLR are tourist ... :p