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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sultan Iskandar CIQ (Part II) - Bottle Neck

Let's revise the stats before we begin, shall we?
  • Able to handle 70 million visitors annually.
  • Will house 18 government agencies.
  • Five-storey complex, dubbed an intelligent building.
  • 76 lanes for cars: 38 lanes in, 38 lanes out.
  • 100 lanes for motorcycles:50 lanes in and 50 lanes out.
  • 25 parking bays allocated for bus entry and exit.
  • Only Touch ’n Go cards are allowed to be used for payment.
  • Multi-lingual touch screen information display panels to assist visitors entering Johor.

The once dubbed gigantic white elephant after the new scenic bridge under the project named Southern Integrated Gateway (Gerbang Selatan Bersepadu) was axed, has a set of sterling statistics to offer to the public. Woo, hebat betoi nie!

But before you start to shout out the idiotic "Malaysia Boleh" slogan again...I really don't think the new CIQ will ease congestion on the Causeway as claimed here.

It doesn't required one to take a day to realize that no matter how many entry lanes you have, end of the day, all lanes will converge and vehicles will start to cut queue so as to squeeze through the pathetic 8 lanes (4 in 4 out) Johor-Singapore Causeway. Yes, the Causeway itself is the chokepoint. And, I foresee that the jam will recoil and cause congestion on the path even before entering the majestic complex. (I don't need to be flown to the moon and back again, get a Datukship and start charging RM8000/hour for a talk to know this. Really think that I have the quality to be a Bolehland MP or Minister:) Please vote for me! Thank you, thank you.)

Envisaging 88 lanes of traffics (38 for car and 50 for bikes) oozing through the miserable 4 lanes from JB to Singapore just sets my adrenaline pumping. Really can't wait till Chinese New Year to witness one of Malaysia's wonders of the world.

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