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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Friend Ask Me Why...This is Why

On December 11, 2008, I wrote on nihcust's chatterbox, "guys, I am starting (to feel) really insecure to stay in Malaysia now..."

nihcust replied,"What happen and made u feel so insecure?"

This is
why...I am not going to post the victim's picture as it is really beyond the unspeakable. Nonetheless, he must be really dumb-fucked when he found out that the robber is HIV positive the very next day. I mean he fought with the robber and both of them are bleeding, so there's a big chance that... *tai kat lai si.

More on the story
here and the aftermath here. (Need to do some scrolling.)

Despite the fact that our "teramat hebat" IGP keep stressing that our homeland is safe and sound.

Yes, with armed robberies every now and then...

With rescuers refuse to save those whose life's on the thin line and looting victims' homes...

When policemen patrol for the sake of accepting bribes...

When the government deploys the "I Suka Awak" simply to "protect" and releases terrorists which they "think" pose no threats anymore...

When those at the top are busy with mega projects, arms dealing, tabling bills to their own monetary advantages...And those at the grassroot grew to become big bullies...

When those who are supposed to protect us turn against us...

When we always compare ourselves to those much inferior than us when we are being criticised...And when the once inferior subject surpasses us, we pick another weaker opponent. By doing so, we are always BOLEH!

When we are in the state of denial, all the time...

I remember watching a clip on our own parliamentary proceeding, a BN MP scornfully reprimanded the Opposition for instilling fear in the people by stating that our country isn't safe when the crime rate kept escalating year on year.

"Who say we are not safe? We don't have war, no terrorist attacks! Who say we are not safe? We are safe and at peace."

Ooh, I finally get it. And I really hope that one day when the bullet hit his big fat belly, his face slashed by some machete-wielding psycho, and being injected with AIDS infected syringe on the street, he can still lash out that "We are safe and at peace." followed by multiple patriotic cry outs of "Malaysia Boleh", simply, because we are not at war.



nihcust said...

I see...

This is the typical Bolehland management attitude. Whenever something happen, they'll try to convince themselves and everyone out there that "it is okay... it is not serious... we are fine... we won't be affected..."


Sigh... I am already getting numb with all these. Now I just browse through the headlines without reading the contents while flipping through the newspaper as I can already know what happen.

Day by day, still the same robberies, same attack, same corruption, same chaos in party or between parties, etc.

The police force cannot be trusted. It is ridiculous as it seems like it's not the police's fault for not getting the robber, but it's YOU who go to ATM and lure the robber to come.

Oh, you were raped ar? You must be wearing sexy leh...

Oh, someone broke into your house/car ar? Who tell you to buy a house/car?


Bolehland is a safe place... It's just that YOU people are rich and make those people commit crime.


Disappointed in this land, but feeling hoppeless as well since there seems to be nothing I can do.


Ya... I am with the spirit of ostrich...

Gnu said...

The next thing you know, they will reprimand you,"Why you become malaysian?"

gnap said...

sigh.. kik sem... and tarm sem.

Gnu said...

Seriously, a change is needed. Whenever the JB custom jam until I have to walk across the Causeway with many others, I wonder why those people kept quiet about it. Why do they keep quiet and let the government bully us? How can they tolerate this kind of treatment from the people who are supposed to take care of our welfare? Being silent is not the way as the condition will further deteriorate.

And sometimes, some people pulak can't be bothered as the Chinese adage goes, "You are not poked by the needle", hence they don't feel the pain.

Apathy is suicidal.