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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The birth of a shutterbug

After years of holdup, finally, I made up my mind to go for my first DSLR:) After meeting some ex-colleagues at Secret Recipe QBM, CM and I drove all the way to Komtar and headed directly to the reputable Click n Snap. After some bargaining with the shopkeeper, I landed the Nikon D60 dual kit package. If the uncle was there, I might even get the same package with much cheaper price. But never mind la, since the assistant accidentally bring out the D300 camera bag instead of the normal, smaller, compact one.

The following are my first few test shots:

Fried egg by CM for breakfast.

Nikon cameras produce punchy images. Didn't perform any editing for this one.

The NUS campus at night. ISO 800 with VR turned on.

And with great enthusiasm, I brought my new toy back to Kluang last weekend for practice. Mana tau, when we were about to reach Kluang Town, the rain started to pour like durians and mangosteens....*&^%%^~!!! Nonetheless, I managed to conduct some constraint shots:

View opposite my home.

Jalan Perwira 1/6

Actually got a lot of birds on the branches, but the moment i snap...^&*$%#

See! Got bird bird one! This one taken with tele-lens far far away.

Hahaha, this one heavily doctored using picasa!

Enough about me, here are some masterpiece by CM. gosu.


gnap said...

i like purple, green, white and blues. Great object choices. :)

Nice shots!

Gnu said...

Glad that you like it...I still have a long way to go, skill sucks:p

There are many gou sao on flickr:)