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Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Early bird catches the worm

Living in a common room, I am greeted by the scent of the burning incense each morning. And sometimes, when the wind blows in the right direction, it fetches the fume in as well and I will wake up a smoked salmon.

After breakfast with CM and seeing her off to work, I sneaked out with my camera to do some bird shooting. Where I failed to get a good shot the other day, here are some of the catches for the day:)

It got freak out by me, my bad.

More pictures on flikr.


gnap said...

hey there, Salmon.. How's the smoke today? hahhahaha

Gnu said...

Hehe, today I woke up pretty early before the ah ma starts burning the incense.