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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am learning

focus: 125mm, ss:1/500s, f/5.6, ISO:180 (out of focus)

Didn't know that we have to get a dry box for DSLR.

Unlike normal compact cameras, which we can simply keep it in the casing and place it anywhere, we actually need to store DSLRs in a cool, dry place to prevent fungi infestation on the lens. This is because shutterbugs tend to exchange lenses for different shooting settings and while doing so, dust and particles will inevitably be introduced to the inner part of the lens and camera body. Some dusts are also conveniently sucked into the lens barrel while we twist and turn the zoom ring. And the earthly powdery material sets a good ground for fungi to grow.

The good news is, early infestation will not affect picture quality. With this said, it is almost always too late when you discover the infestation which resulted in insufficient brightness in the shots taken. Worst still, the sharpness will be affected if the surface of the lens is etched by chemical excreted by the fungus.

One can prevent this problem by safekeeping the camera in a dry box. There are 2 ways: store it in an airtight box with silica gel or an electronic dehumidifier. The latter is more effective and low maintenance in commision as you do not need to replace or dry the silica gel. Furthermore, you are able to monitor and control the humidity with the electronic dehumidifier. (Recommended humidity: 45 -55% RH.)

To purchase, please visit digi-cabi.

Other means to prevent fungi growth:
  • Shoot more often (during daytime), the UV from the sun can kill fungi.
  • Zoom the lens back and forth several times in a dry room before putting them away, to replace some of the air inside.

And so, I got myself a 30L digi-cabin. Next on the must have list is a tripod for nightscape.

Have fun:)


Anonymous said...

wah... so pro oredi :)

Gnu said...

If you are talking about the's ouot of focus:(

But I am going to practice more this coming Deepavali...:)

gay said...

tat was me btw