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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tele Gathering

The weekend before the mooncake festival, CM had her first coursemate gathering in Singapore and I would say Wei Yong is an excellent tour guide:) CM and I were the latest to reach the rendezvous, Chinatown MRT station and so, we had to treat the gang dinner. We went to this place named Qun Zhong Eating House (京华小吃) along Neil Road and the dishes there according to Wei Yong are of the same standard as 翡翠 and 鼎泰丰 yet so much cheaper. Some shots along the way to the restaurant:
A glimpse of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

The gang (from left): Wei Yong, Mei Ling, Chew Yan and CM.

Colonial style structure along Neil Road in contrast with cranes and buildings under construction in the background.

So what could the coursemates talk about over dinner? Of course, gossiping (sampat) about other coursemates lor. And what else can 5 Malaysians talk about other than lambasting at the absurdities and idiosyncracies of the current political leaders back home.

After the sumptuous dinner, we took a walk at the Kreta Ayer market (practically squeezed through and inched painfully forward:p) and finally settled down at this famous dessert shop for some mango sago cream...ooh lala.

It's always healthy to take a brisk 20 minutes walk with a full stomach and this is what we usually do on this island. Wei Yong suggested to head towards Clark Quay from Chinatown by foot. With the experience of alighting at City Hall, Raffles Place and Clark Quay MRT stations and ended up at Funan Digitalife Mall within minutes, this little footwork won't kill us:p

I think Clark Quay is the most colourful and vibrant place in Singapore and is perfectly accommodating to the quirky nocturnals with its kaleidoscope settings. In conjunction with the approaching Mid-Autumn festival, the riverside was lit up with flashy lanterns lined up on the bank.

As usual, CM with her Cyclops eyes flashing optical beam. This shot was taken seconds before she unleashed the formidable optic blast and the photographer's final moment. ~gasp!

Damn it, I can't smile naturally!

This shot was taken after Wei Yong shared some shooting tips in ambient low light.

We ended up at a coffee house and this was when Wei Yong recounted his sad yet funny encounter where he had to move in with an Indian landlord in a haste because his previous landlord gave him one week notice to move out. Those days he had to bathe without warm water at night, and the days without electricity because the landlord didn't pay the bills...

Final shot of the night by Wei Yong. Classy, huh?


David Chan said...

Wah... how many pounds (of man-breast) have you lost lar?? :-P

gnap said...

hahahaah! cyclop eyes pulak!

Gnu said...

Dave: It turns out that to shed some baby fat on the face is easy, but below the shirt, the breast and tyre just would abandon ship...:(

gnap: It's true. If you click on the pic and see the enlarged version, you can see CM's eyes supernaturally reddish...I was thinking of making a movie named: Ngo Lui Pang Yao hai Wai Xing Yan!