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Saturday, September 13, 2008

OMFG! What is happening back in my Homeland??!! (Part II)

They had done it again! The superstars of the Bolehland politic arena - Badak-Wi, Najis, Side Hump-It, Maha Thor (weird that Nuts-ry and K-hairy have toned down so much.) and recently some calefare who is barking like mad in the public and PM wannabe, Ah Mad Is Male. One thing they never fail in succeeding: To stultify themselves so as to amuse the public. Aah, this reminds me of The Three Stooges back in those good old days, except now there are more than three in Bolehland and the camera can barely fit them in the limelight all at once!

First and foremost to Ah Mad, it's N-E-V-E-R gonna happen for you! The stubborn rhino had decided to pass its horn down to some Shit in 2010 and with the Reformacist on the move, I seriously doubt you have the slightest chance to be the Premier. Plus, your name is too common...and remember the RAHMAN curse? Your name doesn't even have an "N" in it and please lah, Ah Mad Is Male, I know you are not a bitch, though you bark a lot!

Let's re-enact the whole story. So lately, Ah Mad demeaned a particular ethnic group, refused to apologize and instead demanded for an apology from Dr Koh-coon, openly insulted Dr Koh-coon, who is the leader of a particular ethnic group and Ah Mad's follower childishly tore Dr Koh-coon's picture in public. With all the seditious statements and racist actions which had definitely spurred racial conflict among the multi-racial community, Ah Mad was merely suspended for 3 years from it's party where as the reporter who reported the seditious statement by Ah Mad was detained under the ISA. wtf?

Moral of the story? (Especially to the younger generations)
If you see someone commiting an offence, don't report to the teacher, because you will be the one who will be punished according to Bolehland's justice! Just shuddup and MYOB and the world will be a better place. (Michael Jackson's Heal The World playing in the background.)

And here's the "powderfulness" of Side Hump-It with his head being humped left right up down back and forth, with his recent quote which supercede the quote of the century by ViKing Lingam," She (Sin Chew's female reporter) was detained under ISA because we want to PROTECT her lah." ~lame~ This is the typical act of lying without blinking one's eyes. Well, that's what I would expect from our own Bolehland leaders, super low in mentality, forever confident that they are "BOLEH" in everything and also think that the rakyat are as retard as they are. The personal recount of Hoon Cheng on the 18 hours ISA detention doesn't match your statement lar, Side Hump-It.

...the female officer told me that they are arresting me under Internal Security Act...

I met my parents and bided them goodbye, the police informed me that they would bring me to the Police Headquarter in Bukit Aman in Kuala Lumpur.

I was eventually brought to the Perak Police Headquarter in Ipoh. After a brief interrogation session, I was brought back to Penang Police Headquarter again.

After the interrogation session, I was brought to see another higher-ranked officer, he told me, “We can both go home now!”.

It seems to me that the police acted upon "somebody's" instruction, beat around the bush aimlessly for nothing. This is how they waste the taxpayer's money.

Moral of the story?

I believe somebody is trying to threaten the lifes of RPK and Teresa Kok but fear not, I believe they are in good hands now under the detention of ISA. You see, long before your time the ISA is used against the Communists to protect the public. Now, it is used to protect the public against the communist. (Well, now I am also confuse as to what I am talking here:p) Well, so if RPK and Teresa are being protected, then who are the Communists? You tell me:) (Just continue to act dumb till the next election comes, savvy?)

Badak-Wii's latest stunt of sending the MPs to Taiwan for agriculture atudy is really nothing but the sincerest recognition that a particular ethnic group can do much better in terms of managing and developing a nation as compared to the origins of the Malay Archipelago. Thank you very much. You really couldn't blame him for not thinking properly, with his neck wrangled by the opposition party till he could barely breathe, and his back aching from the stinging cold arrow friendly-fired by another PM wannabe, plus suddenly he is sitting on cold Shit because his "loyal friend" isn't loyal anymore and his son-in-law sort of vanished into thin air.

Moral of the story?

It's a dog eat dog world out there, bro. And if you're not the alpha male, you better be the wily one. Otherwise, you're just willy:)

Why 916? I couldn't help but wonder, when they are doing the one thing that are finally good at (to humiliate themselve openly) and they are happy doing it, why reap them of their only source of happiness?

To be continued...on Najis and Maha Thor...if then I am not "protected" by ISA...


gnap said...

took me a few seconds to figure out what is "calefare". hahahahaaha

Gnu said...

haha, learn it from a sitcom named calefare here in sg.