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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

KNNMCCB Maybank!

Nearly a year after I abandoned the internet banking service of Maybank, today I wanted to log in to pay my utility bill (SAJ) and property tax as I couldn't pay via Public Bank (I strictly believe this is not due to protectionisme.). And in broad day light, the system is once again, down. Hail Maybank! Hail Maybank2u!

It's about time to reminisce the excellent track record of this Government Linked finance institution:

and finally my ultimatum:

Was wondering if all GLCs are offering 5 stars services like Maybank, if so, Hail Malaysia!

Despite the stellar performances by Maybank, can I still pay my bills (Government or public) via the lousy Public Bank eBanking service, Please?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybank might not the best... but one thing for sure.. the maybank2u is much more user friendly than Public bank..

in fact, it is very lousy! the worst i could say its the public bank e-banking.. i hav a feeling, PBB still typical china man style, now the E-generation.. even the laziest maybank also can do the online website better that it..

wake up PBB... i heard the PBB boss now is busy entertainment womans!!