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Thursday, July 24, 2008

This time...Trying really hard to be Pro-Government

Ok, I know there's been lots of jokes flying around these days regarding Abdullah Badawi's statement on re-sampling Anwar's DNA for the latest sodomy allegation: his (Anwar) DNA sample is too old, so we need to get fresh ones.

How could you guys out there ridicule our Premier like that? I know, some of you are even home-grown bloggers!
Shame on you guys...BOOooo. Here's the clip where Pak Lah was caught uttering out of ignorance:

Reporter: Datuk Seri, Anwar claims that the government has got his dna samples 10 years ago. So why do you all still insist on getting his sample again?

Abdullah Badawi: Sebab eh, sebab eh, yang saya tahu lah, saya pun tanya jugak bila dengar cerita nie. Sebab ia tu dah lama, jadi kita minta yang baru lah, sample yang baru lah. Apa salahnya? (Translation: because, because, from what I know, I asked the same question also when I heard of this. The reason is that his (DNA sample) is too old, so we request for fresh ones. Fresh samples. What is wrong with that?)

See! That Chinese reporter obviously tried to trap our beloved Pak Lah so that he would stultify himself in front of public! It's a conspiracy and I know who's behind this...

Gosh, this guy should be detained under the ISA without trial and make him do nude squat, then probably give him a black eye. Last but not least, finish him off with C4 explosive. Trying to make fun of our Prime Minister, huh? Don't you know by doing this, you actually make him a laughing stock? And now, I felt so humiliated that the whole wide world is sneering at us. God damn it!

The whole world? Hey, doesn't this makes us more famous then ever on the globe? The same implication when we send someone into space. Oh, now I SEE what those reporters are doing...they just want to make Bolehland renown to everybody else in this world. So who's the next sultan (Malay Ruler) to celebrate his birthday? Maybe, we should confer Datukship to those reporters. Yeah, that would be a great idea.

How many of you actually knows that DNA can't get old? huh? I don't know, ok? What's the big deal? If I were the reporter, I wouldn't ask a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies about those DNA or RNA stuff. Heck, that's not his discipline ok? So he is not qualified to answer that question! I would ask something more personal so that the people can get to know this wise elderly more, like, "Did you fail your statistics so bad that the university won't let you pursue a degree in economics?"

"PM: No, no, I tell you the truth. (CNN: okay, you tell me) I wanted to study economics but I failed my statistics paper. I fumbled my standard. The question was standard deviate, the paper was on statistics, I don’t know how I did it so bad, so I was not allowed to continue to do all my honors course in economics and I had to choose other subjects for which I was qualified. So I decided to choose Islamic Studies."

I can hear you giggling! Yes, Abdullah Badawi failed his statistics, so what? At least, he dares to admit it, ok? From the HEART OF MY BOTTOM, I admired his bravery! In fact, he is so daring, that he actually got the balls to assume the post as our Finance Minister cum Prime Minister! Oh, so that explains why our economy outlook looks so bleak...

Ok, I am giving up on him...he is just so beyond my reach.

One last try:
Oh, maybe...the police needs fresh DNA because Anwar has mutated?

Sometimes, it's really tough to be pro-government when the cabinet personnel are like decks on the Titanic who act with their guts, not their brains.

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Supermom said...

hmmm so u hv a flair for reverse language too..

this country sure is a fan of Xfile... Xmen...