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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire, Chiew Mei

What does 7-11 reminds you of? The 24-hour convenience store mega-chain with more than 32,400 stores worldwide?

Well, to me, it's a date when this wonder baby was born in a humble town named Parit Buntar, few hundred kilometres away from my hometown. Who would have known that this cute little girl who was nicknamed "Oor Kei Boo" (mean "fierce hen") and was once plumpy (which she blames it to her daily curry mee intake during primary school) would eventually grew up into this gorgeous lady, who had inadvertently clinched the Ms FKE title and become my soulmate?

Well, this is CM's first birthday celebration away from home...Being away from family and friends, it is really heartwarming to have CY and TK to celebrate with CM:) Here we are at Billy Bombers Classic @ The Central, Clark Quay:

The gang again! And nice view beside Singapore River!

CM making a wish: Erm...I want...Big Fat Bonus! Huge Increment! Diamonds...

CM poses at the Central, Clark Quay.


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gnap said...

"fierce hen"??!! cannot believe lar!