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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great Singapore Sales

I read about this woman on the newspaper 2 months back, who booked a hotel suite for 3 days and flew all the way from Malaysia to Singapore, just to take advantage of the Great Singapore Sale!

"Wah, spent so much on the flight and the hotel so that she get to spend more? Something must be loose in her head!" was my immediate reaction.

And what do you know? A little stroll in Anchor Point after dinner and we bought 3 shirts, 6 blouses and a pants within an hour! Just couldn't resist the temptation when you see a Giordano tee for $5.00, or a G2000 blouse for $9.00...gee! And, if you spend a minimum of $50 on the discounted stuff at Giordano, you get to enjoy an additional 10% off on the total purchase or buy selected items at $3.00... This is what we call sale mah! If the Giordano back in JB is selling a tee for RM5.00, please do let me know ya ;p

Btw, still, flying all the way here to get some cheap tee...pft. Or, I just don't understand women...

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ChickenSoupMom? :P said...

good point. I'll make sure i dun buy peanuts when travel afar. :P