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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down and Out of Luck

I believe most people have played Loose Deuces or Chinese Poker before, in mandarin we called it "锄大地" or "大老二". It's a strategy card game which requires utmost wits, patience and sometimes, deception. And of course, you will need some luck as well - because whether you are able to win the game largely also depends on the card combination you get each round. As the adage goes, "No morning sun lasts a whole day", one will not get royal flush, full house or three of a kind all the time. What happens when you get a handful of lousy cards?

Continue to play lusterlessly? Or simply throw in the cards and pass the round?

I remembered Andy Lau said in one of his gambling movies, "One should never give up no matter how bad your tiles variation (mahjong) is." One can continue to play whole-heartedly (with perseverance) and still enjoy the game. In the end, if you happen to win the round, congrats! If you lose the round, laugh off with a big heart. There is always the next round.

It is the same in life, it will not be a smooth sailing journey. You may be down and out of luck during certain stages of life. You may be at odds with your best friends, you may not get to enroll into the ivy leagues that you preferred, you don't get along with your bosses, you are retrenched during the recent financial crisis, you may be on the brink of bankruptcy and worst, because your first child is coming along...Life seems meaningless and could progress no more.

Hang on!

This is as if you have a lousy hand right now. Maybe something good will come along the way, maybe you will get the tiles you need to win later on. Who knows? And even if you can't win this round, try your best not to be cleaned out as the saying goes, "where there is life, there is hope". And when the worst happens, there is still the next round!

So when shit happens, like in your work or relationships, you can blame heaven and earth, and relinquish to fate. Doth lurk and plain. Or you can take this opportunity, lick your wounds, prepare yourself for the next opportunity to come.

My mentor once told me that we should maximize our experience in whatever we do.

Even if your supervisor is a dork and does not appreciate your talent now, don't revolt (if your boss can't take it when you feedback in a tactful manner) or harp on a discordant tune or be de-motivated. It's like passing the winter in a torpid state. You don't fight winter heads on. Instead, maximize your learning, lie low and wait to grab the next opportunity on the way.

My mentor actually practices what he preaches and is happy like a bird these days:p

Then again, if (you anticipate) all effort is futile, you may want to shuffle the deck (tiles) and start all over again (elsewhere).

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Anonymous said...

Who's your mentor, I wonder? And if I gave my feedback to my manager in a less-than-tactful manner, what's my next plan of action?