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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well managed...but er...lots of make-up

CM's sister and her boyfriend are in town and we "as a matter of factly" became their tour guides. Very little things to do in a short 2 days trip here. So we went to Jurong Bird Park, which sadly, I didn't bring my telelens. What a waste. The Night Safari was ok...and Sentosa is really a cut throat.
I hate to be tall...because part of my head gets chopped off most of the time. Gerrram.
Putting this up because out of 1xx shots taken, this is the only one CM commented,"There is something about this picture." Really grateful for the consolation, because not everybody has the eyes of a photograher...tq.

(Front to back) CM's sister, CM's sister's boyfriend, CM's sister's and CM's sister's boyfriend's tour guide for the day.

What fascinates me in this pic is that a child this young is wearing a glasses. Looks like Harry Potter, except that the hair isn't black and the perut buncit a bit:p Damn cute, in cantonese I think we will describe him as," Fey toot toot."? Hahahaha...

This is a common beach view in Singapore with ships and cranes lining up the sea horizon. Well, these are the honey pots of this little nation.

From hearsay, once Singapore was separated from Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew immediately chartered an economist from Wall Street and an engineer from Japan. The economist advised Lee that the first thing that Singapore must do is to sustain itself - to make money. And without any natural resources, they capitalized on their strategic position in the heart of Southeast Asia and built one of the busiest ports in the world. When the cash started to roll in like nobody's business, then the Nihon engineer is tasked with infrastructure planning.

Today, they have all sorts of man-made marvels like the Merlion, the beaches at Sentosa...And tourists are pouring in from all over the world from what I observed (to be fair, it's school holiday lar), just to catch a glimpse of the legendary lion and fish hybrid, and they don't mind to swim along titanic container ships in the sea. Looking back at the lacklustre manner Bolehland promotes its tourism and the lackadaisical operations at the tourism spots, I think we have a chance to cash in more with our natural waterfalls, highlands, beaches and even historical sites simply with a change of attitude and management.

Or a change of government, maybe?


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brother, tall ppl r supposed to always stand further away fr camera, ie eg pic1, u n CM switch place. plus u cud stand leaning a bit lor... then no need head get chopped off lor... :P

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Gnap: Wah, tai ka je...long time no see ah... Haven't been seeing much of u on fb as well. lei dim ar?

CM to scare to feed the birdies so I have to do it lor. And I think something wrong with the photographer lor:p

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