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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unguarded Moments

In Singapore, they can celebrate almost about anything. This time, it's the Singapore River Festival!

We intended to checkout Kangxi Emperor exhibition first and then visit Steve McCurry's photo exhibition, both at ACM. This is the Steve who shot the iconic "Afghan Girl".

Steve McCurry - Self Portrait.

The moment we reached ACM, there was a long queue to the Kangxi gallery. We joined the line but seconds later, Willy Foo walked up to me and asked if I were heading for Steve's gallery instead. I think he spotted my camera bag. Willy is Singapore's top event photographer and I had attended one of his workshop on Photoshop CS4, which he conducted FOC. Due to the overwhelming crowd, we decided to change course and headed to Steve's exhibition hall. Surprisingly, the guru was there to give out prizes to the winners of his photography contest.

Some of the entries for the competition. The standard of the pictures are very high according to the organizer. "Outstanding" and "Astounding" were the terms used. However, as I scanned through the entries, I can't help but to notice some very lame pictures. Some are very weird. Can you spot it?

Here, see? Guess what?

It's Kenny Sia! Hahahaha.

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junfei said...

ahahaha.. damm it the last pic!