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Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halo, friend!

Went to Parit Buntar during the Deepavali break. Had dinner with Marcus and Charity at Golden Miles complex, a place where I called "Little Thailand" and yes, we had Thai food. It's a miracle meeting the couple in Singapore. It all happened 2 weeks ago when CM and I went to Golden Miles to purchase our bus tickets, but Grassland and Konsortium had their tickets sold out. That very night, I spotted Charity amidst the stream of commuters at Outram Park Interchange, walking briskly in the opposite direction.

"Isn't that Charity?" I patted on CM's shoulder and pointed at the rear of her coursemate. CM bursted into a sprint, caught up and it's reunion time. Marc was there too. Apparently they were on their way home. We did a little catch up, we told them we couldn't get a ticket back and they gave us a number. What's the chance of meeting someone whom you never meet for 3 years on a foreign land? And what's the chance of bumping into that someone and he/she turned out to be your benefactor?

Anyway, the ride back was not that smooth. The bus broke down somewhere at Rawang and the repair took entire night. In the end we only reached at noon when we were supposed to reach at dawn. CM's brother ferried us back and on the way when I looked out the window, I saw this ring of light radiating from the sun. Took this picture at CM's house. Too bad, my exposure compensation was set at -2.3EV and the auto ISO conveniently set the ISO at 800, so it turned out a bit noisy.

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