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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Night Out

The Esplanade.

Adopting the same route when we hanged out with Marcus et. al, we patronized Inle Myanmar at Peninsula Plaza to savour the bud-tantalizing tamarind pomfret, black bean pork stew, rozelle leaves...slurp. Whichafter, we took a 15 minutes walk to Beach Road for a cup of java plus kaya toast.

It's Halloween and along the way we saw sexy demons with cute tiny "Hellboy" horns and voluptuous sailor girls. Since this is not an X-rated site, so I will not post any aphrodisiacal images here. Anyway, haven't got any:p

Nowadays, I always bring my camera out for practice. Let's see what the "Vibration Reduction" lens can do for night shots without a tripod. Here's a shot of the financial hub on the other bank of Singapore River. Notice the merlion on the left?
Financial hub of Singapore.

Don't know if it is true, I heard that MM Lee Kuan Yew is a strong believer of feng shui, an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the Laws of both heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to gain properity and wealth. Here are some Singapore feng shui gags. The most recent one is about the revolving direction of the Singapore Flyer.

CM has the eyes of a photographer.
This Merlion sits facing East aligned to the most auspicious geomancy position as advised by feng shui experts. It is believed that this alignment helps this resource-poor island to remain prosperous despite its more important shortcomings - like the lack of water and natural resources. I don't know about you, but I am also an enthusiast of feng shui. And that night, we decided to collect some "spill over" wealth from the merlion. CM can be very modest yet elegant in doing so.

Well, I don't care if it looks like I am drinking puke from the merlion. Big bucks, baby...give me big bucks!

Gulp gulp gulp gulp...


seowyin said...

Ooo...nice photos. BTW, you living a very luxurious life in SG hor? =P

Gnu said...

Nolar, the burmese dinner cost about $7 per pax oni...

Gnu said...

Luxurious meh, I work like crazy le...Another project coming this weekend from another company.

gibson said...

yes, our MM believes in feng shui. that is the reason he put the the important ministers to manage the east and west coast of singapore, which many believe is the valves that control the mouth of the port, where our wealth comes from.

nice food you had. $7 for so many dishes??

Gnu said...

ei, sorry, wrong info. About $12 per pax for 6 ppl for 6 dish.