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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Potholes: Pimples on the Road

Driving on Malaysian roads is a daily challenge. Somehow most of the roads have cracks and potholes all over and motorist have to choose either to accept the premature demise of their vehicle's suspensions or to drive with extra care. And with extra care, the flow of the traffic will definitely be disrupted. Some gungho drivers with skills like Vin Diesel would choose to swerve and veer to avoid those chuckholes, it's like playing TV games. And god knows how many motorists (especially motorbikers) have lost their lifes due to this road defect.

I don't know if anyone realise this, the road surfacing work done by prestige housing developers tend to last longer than JKR's. This is a serious issue because the quality of work by the government body or its contractors is really disappointing. And I notice that the way they patch the potholes are superficial as they merely fill up the hole with fresh tar without reinforcing the gravel base. So potholes at the same spot will always appear after a few months. And this is one of the tactics the government plays on us whenever the general election is approaching. Road surface will be freshly treated to demonstrate the will of the ruling party to improve our lifestyle, but deep down inside we know it's a big fat lie.

We do not want well-tarred roads for a few months only once in every 4-5 years! We do pay our road tax annually and so our vehicles deserve much better road condition all year long, like those in Singapore and Australia. And seriously, Malaysian government should strive to provide this basic infrastructure to all Malaysians and revise their SOP of road construction and maintenance.

Enough lamenting. Let's roll over to to see how the humorous and creative ang moh uses the potholes to produce art. 

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