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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Protest against Najib's 100-storey Mega Tower: A different perspective

Every now and then when I cross over the Causeway, my light-hearted mood would eventually subside due to the traffic congestion along Jalan Skudai, Jalan Tebrau and the Pasir Gudang Highway.

If roads are the blood stream of the country, I think, Malaysia will be hit by stroke every single day. I can't help but wonder how our economy is going to improve with the road clogging with traffic. To travel from east to west in Johor Bahru will take up at least 45 minutes. With the jam, it may take an extra half an hour.

In Singapore or Hong Kong, one can attend several meetings in the morning, and another few in the afternoon (Note: Not via MRT). On average based on my experience, 5 to 6 meetings from 9am to 5pm. That's how fast people can travel in these cities. Johor Bahru? You are lucky to have one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. If one is able to clinch a deal in one session, our neighbour is able to make more than two-fold as compared to us. That is why they are in the First World league, and we are abang adik with Indonesia.

Pasir Gudang Highway (PGH) is a phenomenon, for more than 10 years. With only 2 lanes per way, it never fails to slow down the traffic, every single day. I would be very happy being a delivery boy as I would only make 2 trips per day, provided I only travel via PGH. Easy job. Just need to load the stuff in the truck, hit PGH and listen to my favorite radio station all day long.

No wonder I noticed more and more vehicles have car TV these days.

For more than 10 years, the situation persist and deteriorated. Is the government aware of this? Surely! But why nothing is being done to remedy the issue or at least alleviate the problem? For one or two years, it's still tolerable. For five years, the government is considered slow to react. For more than 10 years? This is a retarded regime and I think it's time for replacement. Haven't we given them ample time to perform?

And now, our Barisan Nasional led government wants to construct another 100 storeys skyscraper. According to my friend, the gazetted area for the mega project is located near his alma mater. Unless the government is going to replan and redevelop the traffic system at the area comprehensively, traffic congestion will be inevitable once the 100-storey commercial building is completed.

But, as we all already know, the current regime is weak in planning and execution. So for the folks living near (and not working at) the future Warisan Merdeka, it's time to head down to the nearest car accessories workshop to install a car TV.

Good luck.

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well-written, thumbs up!