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Saturday, October 2, 2010

House Renovation Tips: Tiling

Negotiate for replacement. When you buy tiles and mosaic, remember to negotiate with the seller/manufacturer so that any defective products (colour, warpage, chipping, crack, different dimensions from tile to tile within the same batch of tiles) can be returned and replaced. This way, the contractor will be able to select the good pieces for tiling.

Plastic spacers come in different sizes.

Insist to use plastic spacers for tiling. This is to ensure that the gap between the tiles will be uniformed and at the same time pare down the unevenness from tile to tile due to warpage. Contractors will not pro-actively use the spacers as they claim that it will slow down their work progress. Ridiculously, they will use some non-standard guides such as toothpicks, cardboard and et cetera. Yes, they can finish their job within a day using their way, but you will then have to bear with the eyesore (irregular gaps) on your floor or wall everyday.Why compromise on the finishing quality when you're paying?

Check on workmanship. If possible, knock on each and every tile (floor or wall) to ensure that there is no void (air gap) beneath the tile. This is done simply by knocking using a coin and listen if there is any hollowness at the four corners and the centre of the tile. This defect is disastrous. Firstly, with the air gap trapped beneath the tiles, the adherence of the tile is questionable. You do not know when it will fall off and what it will hit when it falls. Second, the trapped air will expand and contract with respect to the change of temperature in a day. The rhythmical expansion and contraction quickens the wear and tear, causing the tile to crack other than fall off and worse still in some cases, cause the tile to explode.

Never pay until you're satisfied. Perform checks with the contractor apart from monitoring closely (if you have the time) before making full payment. Ensure that all work is done according to your requirements and the finishing quality is satisfactory before surrendering your cheque.

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