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Government's promises are like the Ringgit, they depreciate with time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visit Malaysia 2010

If you want to see burnt churches and cow head soccer, where else to go but Malaysia?

Now that I get your attention, I can further promote what my country has to offer as a spectacular tourist spot much better than aunty Ng.

Imagine a firework, not those that you'd witnessed during the Beijing Olympics, and definitely not the lame ones you saw during the Burj Khalifa's opening ceremony, I am talking about the firework with real human flesh and blood as confetti. And, for the bursting charge, we use military-grade explosives, C4 for example. Wow! Oya, did I mentioned that we are using voluptuous models worldwide? And of course, Mongolian model has been the all time favorite.

That's not all! In Malaysia, we are so bloody rich, so much richer than Dubai, I mean, come on, when our central bank lost RM32 billion in 6 months dabbling in foreign exchange and not go bust, and when we can simply send some handsome doctor into space for fun, we are unarguably rich, right? So, the Malaysian government has graciously bought extra fourteen Sukhoi fighter jets, for display. Where else can you see brand new fighter jets rotting in the hangar?

Fear not! Am pretty sure that in no time, we are going to recall the costs as we have already established a very good network with international jet engine collectors. Oya, I've got this news regarding the latest exhibit for Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2010, our F5E fighter jet will definitely be the star of the event. Come on, where else can you see fighter jets without engines?


and, I think the list will get longer and longer if there is no unforeseen circumstances, like a change in the ruling parties in the coming general election.

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