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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The search for Kenny

South Kuching City Hall

Was in Kuching over the weekend for my sis' wedding, and also partially in search for Kenny Sia. The view when we were about to land was breathtaking with large rivers snaking through the jungle and we were so excited to see the floodplains, marshlands and deltas, it's like learning Geography all over again.

DUN Sarawak

Kuching is a beautiful town and I learnt from CF that the Sarawakians owe much to the mighty White Rajah or Pek Moh (the White Hair) for its development. He has been in power longer than Mahathir's premiership, and will be in power for the next decade and if Mahathir can lead Malaysia to what it is today, you can imagine what the Pek Moh is capable of in ruling the largest and most resourceful state in Malaysia.


I probed a lot about the legendary blogger who recently opens his gym in Kuching. I took a walk to Level Up which is a few streets away from the hotel in hope to run into Kenny by chance and learn a few tricks from him on how to earn some extra money through blogging. That didn't happen because somebody chickened out and merely hang around outside the gym with prying eyes like a voyeur and when one of the receptionist noticed my existence and started walking towards me, I fled away with my D60 in a fluster.

Is that my lighting engineer or just the bride's dad trying to hammer the bride?

As usual, we had to rise and shine pretty early for the matrimony ceremony. Am glad to meet Alvin the photographer for the day. This is one talented IT guy who can sing like Michael Buble:p So I tried to learn from the master, like I had learnt from all the other masters. Didn't bring batt for my flash so I had to rely fully on natural lightings, as a matter of fact, I am still exploring how to use it. Most of the pictures are a bit blurry, should have switch to higher ISO...noob!

The cutest and prettiest bride.

And when I thought my search for Kenny is over, there he is going merry-go-round from table to table at the wedding dinner. ~meow

Kenny Junior

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